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Our Story

The Bright Side Foundation was founded in November 2020, and registered with Telangana Societies Registration Act. At Bright Side, the board team consists of 7 Directors who play an instrumental role in decision-making. 

We have a team of qualified psychologists with varied areas of specialisation and years of experience in the social service field to carry out projects professionally and ethically. We believe that we rise by lifting others. Our motto is, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our entire team consists of 50 members and 20 volunteers. We are determined to build mentally healthy communities in India.

Why we do

Meet The Team

Swetha Desiraju.jpeg

Founder & CEO

Swetha Desiraju


In the field of mental health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Nikitha Vattikuti.jpg

Nikitha Vattikuti

Director & COO

Lecturer, Psychologist

As empowered individuals, it is our responsibility to bridge the gap and to build mentally resilient communities.

Bhavana Srirangam.jpg

Bhavana Srirangam


Organisational Psychologist

Mental Health Awareness is the foundation to building Mentally Healthy Communities.


Saniya Dhamani



Creating mental health awareness is the first step to making a difference

Srikar Sharath Desiraju .jpg

Srikar Sharath Desiraju 


Lead Solutions Advisor

At the root of the dilemma is the way we view mental health. Whether an illness affects your heart, your leg or your brain, it's still an illness and there should be no distinction. 


Srinath Vuddemari


Human Resource Professional

Change the way we all talk to each other about our mental health


Addepalli Aahlada Srividya


Mental Health Advocate

Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It’s the final taboo and it needs to be

faced and dealt with

Meet the team
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