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A silent mental health epidemic has started amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Project Umeed was built as COVID-19 Mental health relief work project in June 2021, aiming to make professional mental health services more accessible and assist the citizens of India in preserving their mental health and promoting well-being.

Project Umeed has reached 1500+ people in a period of 6 months and is now a flagship project at The Bright Side Foundation

Mission #1 Psychological First Aid

UMEED Model of Psychological Firstaid trains individuals to support people during emergencies.


Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an evidence-informed approach that is built on the concept of human resilience. PFA aims to reduce stress symptoms and assist in a healthy recovery following a traumatic event, natural disaster, public health emergency, or even a personal crisis.


Provide Psychological First Aid directly to various target groups and Teach Psychological First Aid to caregivers. 


Open to all

Beneficiaries to teach psychological first aid

● At least one person in as many families as possible 

● Teachers and Caregivers 

● Orphanages 

● Social Workers and other NGO members

Psychological Aid

Mission #2 Free Counseling Services 

Providing free counseling services to those who do not have access to affordable mental health care. 


The Bright Side Foundation has an in-house team of Counseling Psychologists who are trained to provide psychological counselling services. 

Our Counselors’ available slots will be made public through our social media platforms and those in need can register for free counselling services.


To make counseling services more accessible.


Egan Model

Beneficiaries to teach psychological first aid

● Those who do not have access to and/or afford professional mental health care

● Underprivileged children (Child Counseling) 

● Front line workers (To be done by experienced counsellors)

Free Counselling

Mission #3 Mental Health Awareness and Well-Being Workshops 


The Bright Side Foundation’s team of Facilitators designs webinars and workshops specific to the social and cultural background of the target audience.


The content is curated through thorough research and evidence-based techniques.


To conduct well-being workshops for target populations related to certain topics to enhance their well-being. (Series of small workshops) 

  • Underprivileged children (schools included) 

  • IT companies 

  • Front line workers 

  • Teachers and Caregivers 

  • Geriatric population 

Mental Health

Mission #4 Art Therapy Sessions

Providing free counseling services to those who do not have access to affordable mental health care. 


The Bright Side Foundation’s team of certified Art Therapists and Psychologists use Art Therapy as an effective tool to initiate dialogues about mental health and well being while emphasizing the importance of emotional awareness and expression one’s emotions.


To conduct Art Therapy Sessions to target populations using various approved art-based therapeutic techniques to improve well-being and inculcate beneficial stress responses through one session or a series of sessions. 

  • Underprivileged Children 

  • Schools 

  • Geriatric Population 

  • IT companies 

  • Teens, Adolescents. 

  • Parents

Prospective methods and techniques
  • Doodling and Collage Making 

  • Letter writing, Swimming Pool Technique and Brain Dump 

  • Vision Board making 

  • Kinetic Family Drawing 

  • Mask Making 

  • Zentangle Technique

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Art Therapy
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